Ora Ruven


I Live and work in Tel Aviv and Jaffa.
ציור, צילום, עבודות מחשב, וידיאו ופיסול – העבודה שלי שואפת לחשוף את המסתתר ביחסים המורכבים בין הגוף העירום לנפש העירומה, בין העצמי לעצמי של החברה, בין העירום לעריה, בין הבושה מעשה ידי אדם לבין הגוף מעשה הבריאה
P8 מייסדת גלריה
חיה ועובדת בתל אביב וביפו

Ruven’s work involves painting, photography, processed images, video and sculpture, and deals with the relationship between the naked body and the naked soul, self and society, nudity and nakedness.
Lives and works in Tel Aviv and Jaffa, and is the founder of P8 Gallery.

Founder of P8 - a cooperative gallery
I established in 2008 the gallery on 8th Poriya St. Tel Aviv, as a cooperative gallery, named P8 Gallery.
The space first functioned as my studio. I frequently invited artist-friends to present short exhibitions alongside my work.
With time, this lead to the forming of a group of artists that presented exhibitions while utilizing personal recourses as curating, production, and promotion, in full collaboration.
The thought of the power of the synergy is at the heart of this groups' approach, and stimulates it to promote and progress within the artistic sphere.

BA Midrasha School of Art, Beit-Berl
BA linguistics - Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Solo Exhibitions

2012 Nude, P8GALLERY, Yaffo, curator Yoav Shmueli

2011 Mosques in Tel Aviv , P8GALLERY, Yaffo
Go Home , Zaritsky Artists House, Tel Aviv

2009 FEMOSTERONE - me and Naked Men, P8gallery, Yaffo, curator Rakefet Viner Omer

Group exhibitions

2011 Nimrod's Descendants - Artist House, Jerusalem, curator Gideon Ofrat
The lie of the land, Diagihilev Hotel, Tel Aviv, curator Tamar Tadmor
Photographed words - P8GALLERY, Yaffo, curator Alicia Shahaf
Bread and Roses, MInshar, Tel Aviv

2010 Sleep Paralysis - Kibbutz Galuyot 45, a Place of Art
Home 2: The living Room -Apart Art
Bread and Roses
"Fresh paint 3"

2009 Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel, Germany
Z.B.A , GAL-On gallery Tel Aviv. Curator Sagi Refael
Hulululu - p8gallery, Yffo, curator Rakefet Winer Omer
Street show - Mesilat Yesharim

2008 A present, Artopia, Yaffo, curator Rakefet Winer Omer

2007 The Oldest Client In The World, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem
Desert generation - The Jerusalem Artists House; Amsterdam
Earth Day - cinemateque Tel Aviv

2006 Ha-midrasha - art academy exhibition

2003 International Sculpture Symposium - Fines, Spain
Symposium International de Sculpture - Morges, Switzerland

2002 International Sculpture Symposium - Castel-Raimondo, Italy
International Sculpture Symposium -Stone in the Galilee, Israel

2001 Symposium International de Sculpture - Morges, Switzerland

2000 exhibition - Moran museum, Seoul, Korea
International Symposium -Stone in the Galilee, Israel- certificate of excellence


        Review,Haaretz/Galeria, Tzafi Saar
        Critic,City Mouse TLV, Hila Brenner 
        Gidon Ofrat, Catalog - Nimrod descendants, 2012
        Male Nude in Israeli Contemporary Art, catalog - Sagi Refael
        Who's afraid of male nude? – Dr. Tal Dekel
        Vice Versa, David Speber, Bar-Ilan University, 2008, page 74
        Gidon Ofrat, Minor Art ,2010, page 90
        Haaretz, studio visit


2000 Certificate of excellence - International Symposium -Stone in the Galilee, Israel
2001 Prix du public - Symposium International, Morges, Switzerland
2003 Myron de Bronze -Symposium International de Sculpture - Morges, Switzerland

outdoor sculpture

        SII - Israeli Standard Institute, Tel Aviv 
        I.D.F- air force base, Har Myron
        Ma`alot mizrah - entrance way to the city


  • painting
  • male nude
  • digital work
  • photography
  • woman artist gaze